Santa Cruz Clock Tower


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Santa Cruz Clock Tower


The Town Clock, located at the intersection of Pacific Avenue, Front Street and Water Street was originally atop the IOOF Building on Pacific Avenue from 1873 until 1964. At that time the building was remodeled, the clock dismantled and put in storage until 1976.

Robert Darrow, a local attorney and the Citizens Committee on Community Improvements decided to restore the clock and find a prominent location for public viewing.  Robert’s brother, Kermit Darrow, the project Architect, designed the brick base structure on which the original wood framed clock housing stands.  Donald L. Ifland, one of the founding partners of Ifland Engineers, Inc. donated his structural design services to design the brick base and massive concrete foundation.

On October 17, 1989 a major earthquake struck downtown Santa Cruz, destroying many older historical buildings.  However, the Town Clock stood firm and survived without any sign of damage, except the clock had stopped at 5:04 P.M.  It was re-started a few weeks later.


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