St. Stephens Senior Housing


Residential - Affordable Housing

St. Stephens Senior Housing


Ifland Engineers provided preliminary plans and final construction documents for this new 40 unit senior housing development on the rear portion of land occupied by St. Stephens Church on Soquel Avenue in Santa Cruz.  The project included a Tentative Map to divide the property and off-site improvement plans to modify travel lanes, add a left turn pocket and provide a new sidewalk on Soquel Avenue. 


Onsite, the building is situated adjacent to a natural drainage channel running along the southerly property line and riparian setbacks had to be adhered to.  A winding concrete pathway encircles the building, serving as both a walking trail for residents as well as fire truck access behind the building.  Between the building and pathway lie raiser planter beds for gardening and a sizeable raingarden for the treatment and infiltration of stormwater runoff.

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