County of Santa Cruz Health Services Behavioral Health Unit



County of Santa Cruz Health Services Behavioral Health Unit


Ifland Engineers provided preliminary and final improvement plans for a new two-story 16,000 SF behavioral health facility on Soquel Avenue in Santa Cruz for the County of Santa Cruz Health Services Agency.  The site formerly housed an auto painting shop and commercial building housing several small businesses.  A veterinary clinic on the western portion of the parcel will remain.  The facility design makes use of the site's sloping terrain by integrating a parking garage below the main level.  The site plan and grading plan was carefully designed to place the building's foundation on the relatively shallow bedrock found on the eastern portion of the site.  Pervious concrete in parking stalls provides stormwater detention at a relatively shallow level since there are no underground drainage facilities nearby to which an underground system could be connected.  The project is currently under construction.

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