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Santa Cruz Landmarks

Mark Abbott Memorial Lighthouse

A few years after opening for business in 1962, Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Abbott commissioned Ifland Engineers, Inc. to design a New England style lighthouse to replace the old wood structure on which a beacon light had been mounted and... view »

Santa Cruz Clock Tower

The Town Clock, located at the intersection of Pacific Avenue, Front Street and Water Street was originally atop the IOOF Building on Pacific Avenue from 1873 until 1964. At that time the building was remodeled, the clock dismantled and put... view »

Salz Tannery / Tannery Arts Center

In 2006 the City of Santa Cruz Redevelopment Agency purchased the historic tannery site on River Street adjacent to the San Lorenzo River. This 8.43 acre site had been in use as a tannery from 1852 until 2002. Five of... view »
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