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Subdivision Design
Our services for subdivision design are all inclusive.  We are able to take you through site planning, tentative map preparation and approval and subdivision design and Final Map completion.   Our decades of experience affords clients with the tenacity necessary to complete projects in the current political environment. 

Commercial & Institutional Site Design
Whether it is a shopping center, a hospital, assisted care home, research facility, mini-storage or industrial site, we have the experience you need to fulfill the complex nature of a commercial site.  Our advanced technology permits us to provide the high level of coordination between professional disciplines and governing agencies.

Infrastructure Analysis
While this service is included in subdivision design and commercial site design, it also is encompassed in the type of analyses necessary for development of Specific Plans, Environmental Impact Reports, General Plan amendments and Annexation proposals.  By using GIS data base, estimating land use and resource needs coupled with analytical skills we are able to translate the complexities of infrastructure planning into a manageable and understandable product. 

Land Planning
With shrinking land availability and increasing costs for raw land, your need to maximize land use is paramount.  Our experience in “working with the land” and not “against the land” affords clients with an assurance that their needs are being met.  We truly understand the balances between the marketplace and the development investment that create a successful product.

Hydrology & Drainage Analyses
Urbanization brings with it increased demand on natural drainage courses.  The requirement to address the protection of the development site and down stream properties is very real, but one that we have experience in addressing.  Whether your project is a single family lot or a 20 acres shopping center, we have been there to analyze the water quantity and quality issues.  We even assist clients with existing problems affecting the health and safety of their property.

Roadway Design
Whether it is a Plan Line study of an existing roadway, widening of an existing roadway or design of a new road or residential driveway for a development project, Ifland Engineers, Inc. is prepared to design and perform the plan preparation necessary to meet your needs.

Sewer & Water Design
Ifland Engineers, Inc. provides engineering services to meet your sewer and water system design needs, including meeting fire flow requirements.  Although we do not do septic system or private water well design, we frequently coordinate these services with the site development package.

Structural Design
From inception of the company, Ifland Engineers, Inc. has been providing structural design services for individual homes to commercial buildings in the most prestigious neighborhoods of our community.  Our personal approach to meeting our clients needs is engrained in our heritage.

Bridge Design
While not a highly visible service provided by our firm, when you need a bridge to get to your property you need a civil engineer.  Our experience in the design of bridges for road associations and individuals is noteworthy.  Not only do we design new bridges, but evaluation and rehabilitation of existing bridges is included in our portfolio.

Retaining Walls
With increasing development densities, the necessity for retaining walls likewise increases.  In concert with geotechnical recommendations, we are able to ascertain the appropriate wall type and provide design services to meet your need.  In addition, whether it is necessary to address existing wall failures, slope failures or implementation of site redevelopment, we will be there to assist you with design and plan preparation necessary to implement your project.

Landslide and Creek Bank Repair
When the forces of nature change your landscape, Ifland Engineers, Inc. along with your geotechnical engineer are able to assist you in restoring your property to a safe and useable state.  Whether it is a matter of regrading, constructing retaining wall or using slope stabilization fabrics, you can rest assured that our experience is there to assist you.

Erosion Control Design
Federal, State and Local requirements mandate compliance with strict regulatory and permitting requirements for controlling erosion from developments, whether they are a single family residence or a 50 lot subdivision.  Our staff is trained and experienced in evaluating your individual needs and applying cost effective measures.

Coastal Protection
Ifland Engineers, Inc. has been a major player in implementing coastal protection measures along the Monterey Bay.  We continue to be active in the protection of ocean front property while complying with strict Coastal Commission regulations.

Coastal Access Design
Ifland Engineers, Inc. has participated in the design of numerous public access projects around the Monterey Bay.  Consideration of geotechnical conditions, regulatory constraints and unique site parameters is critical to successful design, but we have continued to demonstrate our ability to be successful in doing so.

Permit Processing
Obtaining a permit for your project can at times be a frustrating experience. We have designated staff to assist you in navigating through this sometimes complicated process. Whether we’re acting as your agent to make applications and submittals or simply assisting your efforts we can provide a wide range of permitting services including consulting with planning, public works and other related agency officials to attendance at meetings or public hearings as necessary to obtain permits for your project.

SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans)
With new regulations at the State and local levels, storm water mitigation and pollution prevention is a major consideration for new construction projects.  Increased levels of testing, lab analysis and reporting are required with steep financial penalties for non-compliance.  One aspect of the new regulations is the requirement for SWPPP's to be prepared only by certified Qualified SWPPP Developers (QSD's).  Implementation of the SWPPP must be carried out by a Qualified SWPPP Practitioner (QSP).  These require training and passing a certification exam.  Our staff possesses such certifications and is prepared to help you understand your obligations as a developer, prepare the SWPPP and assist in monitoring the implementation of the plan.

LEED and Low Impact Development
More and more projects are seeking LEED certification that demands certain approaches in design and construction.  From an engineering perspective we can assist with such considerations as site selection, site development, stormwater quantity and quality, heat island effect, recycled content and regional material selection.  Using Low Impact Development (LID) design approaches we can assist in earning valuable points to meet your LEED certification goals.

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