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Residential - Multi-Family

Southview Terrace

Ifland Engineers provided civil engineering design services for this showcase in hillside condominium design. We provided the Tentative Map and preliminary improvement plans to help secure discretionary approval, then final improvement plans including grading and drainage plan, site plan, street... view »

Fremont Central Townhomes

Ifland is currently developing a Tentative Map and preliminary plans for the development of 4 new residential townhomes in Fremont. Located on a small, corner lot, the development requires careful coordination of the site grading and utilities design to eliminate... view »

Monterey Towers

Ifland Engineers provided a Tentative Map, preliminary plans, final construction documents and condominium plan for the reconstruction of this condominium tower just steps from the Pacific Ocean. Originally constructed in the 1980's, deterioration of the structural elements made renovation of... view »

Walnut Commons

Ifland Engineers provided a Tentative Map, preliminary plans, construction documents, final map and condominium plan for this 19 unit co-housing project featuring a common kitchen, outdoor patio and below grade parking garage on the site of a former city surface... view »

Park Pacific

Located at the upper end of Pacific Avenue, on the last remaining vacant lot stemming from the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, this project is currently in the final approval process with the City of Santa Cruz for a building permit.... view »

2030 North Pacific Avenue

This upscale condominium project is located on a triangular city block bounded by North Pacific Avenue, River Street and Bulkhead Street. Spacious 1, 2 and 3 bedroom suites and upscale amenities including a resort style swimming pool, spa and fitness... view »
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