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Twin Lakes Church

Since the early 1970’s, through the years of this church’s campus development, Ifland Engineers has been the primary civil and structural engineer for all campus improvements. In addition to developing the original campus master plan and associated construction documents, Ifland... view »

St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church

Ifland Engineers, Inc. performed preliminary and construction design services for this unique church project on a 2.5 acre site in Aptos, CA. The project has many “green build” features, including rainwater harvesting, permeable pavement and stormwater detention and recharge. Permeable... view »

United Methodist Church

Ifland Engineers provided civil engineering design services for a new church with an attached daycare center on a 1.57 acre site. Ifland designed the project to include numerous elements that satisfy various USGBC requirements toward the goal of attaining a... view »
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